Dry Cleaning Service in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Boro park, Brownsville And NYC

The Wash Depot Laundromat provides superb dry cleaning and laundering for you garments. You simply toss your items in a bag and they come back clean, pressed and nicely packaged. If you would like an item handled a special way, you simply place some notes in your profile and we will take care of it.

Dry cleaning will be delivered within 72 working hours to ensure quality. If you send in laundry with a dry cleaning order both will be delivered with in 72 hours.There is a minimum charge of $30 for wash & fold service.

Just imagine, no more running home to make it to the dry cleaner before they close.

Pricing Options

Laundered and Pressed

Items Prices
Men Shirts in hanger $1.99
Men Shirts in Boxes $2.50

Dry Cleaning

Items Prices
Tie $2.99
Blouse, Sweater, Shirt $4.75
Pants, Jeans, Skirt $4.50
Blazer, Jacket $6.00
Heavy Jacket $8.00
Dress $8.75 & up
2 Pc. Suit $10.00
¾ Coat $14.00
¾ Down Coat $17.00
Full Length Coat $16.00
Full Length Coat Down $19.00 & up
Vest $4.75
Comforter Regular $30.00 & up
Comforter Down $40.00 & up
Extra Large Comforter $50.00 & up

* There is a minimum charge of $30 for dry cleaning without wash & fold service. Dry cleaning will be delivered with in 72 working hours to ensure quality. More details see our dry cleaning page.

Special (dry clean)

Items Prices
Duvet Cover $25.00 & up
Bed Sheets $8.00 & up
Pillow cases $4.00 & up
Fancy Dresses $18.00 & up


Items Prices
Pants, Skirt Hem $9.00      Zipper $12.00
Dress Hem $12.00      Zipper $15.00


The above prices do not include additional charges that may apply to specialty items.

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice.