We at Round Trip Laundromat hope you are doing well, keeping safe, and staying healthy. Slowly but surely NYC has begun learning to create our new normal. Now as exciting as that seems we must all do our part to keep NYC on the right track in controlling COVID-19.


As always, Round Trip Laundromat and our staff are adapting and doing our absolute best to do our part. At our location all staff (including our delivery drivers) and visitors are required to follow social distancing rules, wear proper protective gear (Masks are ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY) and continue to stay updated and informed on all CDC, WHO, and NYS guidelines. 


As an essential business it’s beyond important to keep our working space clean and sanitized. Our attendants and staff members are now cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces multiple times throughout the day, as well as a cleaning service that visits and maintains our premises as well. 


All laundry remains to be washed separately and in a timely manner in order to reduce any unwanted exposure from outside circumstances. 


Attached below is a linked website in which we have found important essential information about our laundry cleaning process. 



Found on the official CDC website, here are a few promising quotes we have found:


1) “Although contaminated textiles and fabrics in health-care facilities can be a source of substantial numbers of pathogenic microorganisms, reports of health-care associated diseases linked to contaminated fabrics are so few in number that the overall risk of disease transmission during the laundry process likely is negligible.”


2) “Fabrics, textiles, and clothing used in health-care settings are disinfected during laundering and generally rendered free of vegetative pathogens (i.e., hygienically clean), but they are not sterile.”


3) “ Functional packaging of laundry can be achieved in several ways, including

  1. placing clean linen in a hamper lined with a previously unused liner, which is then closed or covered

  2. placing clean linen in a properly cleaned cart and covering the cart with disposable material or a properly cleaned reusable textile material that can be secured to the cart; and

  3. wrapping individual bundles of clean  textiles in plastic or other suitable material and sealing or taping the bundles.”

(This is something we always have and will continue to do!)


We continue to take your health, safety, and well being of your staff, clients, peers and fellow New Yorkers extremely seriously. 


Please feel free to scan over this very informative web page and contact us with any questions, comments, and concerns.


Please remain safe and healthy!


Wishing all the best!


Round Trip Laundromat