Frequently Asked Questions

1. During what hours are your pickup and delivery services available?

For locations in Brooklyn our delivery & pick up hours are:
Monday - Sunday 5-10pm

Orders placed later then 2pm MAY be processed for the next following day. If this should need to occur, Management will reach out to you!

For locations in Manhattan our delivery & pick up hours are:

 Mondays through Sunday 6-10am

Orders placed later than 10pm MAY be processed for the next pickup date. If this should need to occur Management  will reach out to you.

2. How long does our laundry service take?

Laundry can be returned within 24 hrs!

*$8.00 24hr Turn Over Fee*

Orders that are placed without the 24hr Turn Over selection can be returned within 48hrs.


Dry Cleaning services will be returned within 72hrs

3. I have sensitive skin and use special detergent. Can the Round Trip Laundromat still do my laundry?

We aim to please! We are happy to use any detergent you'd prefer. Send your detergent, softener, or drier sheets along with your order and we will return any unused portion back to you with your clean laundry. Please make sure to place the items you supply in a tightly sealed plastic bag labeled with your name to prevent any leaks! Please do not supply bleach with any of your orders, we can not be held responsible for any damage to your clothing from leaked bleach bottles.

3.Do you do dry cleaning services?

Yes we do! Prices for frequently requested items are posted on our website!

For items not listed please call us! (718) 567-8152

4. I have shirts or Other items that I want laundered, pressed, or drycleaned where should I put them?

Any Laundered or Dry Cleaned Items should go in a separate plastic bag with a note. This will allow us to have your items serviced correctly and returned to you properly. 

5. How do I pay for my services?

As soon as your order is picked up and processed, you will receive a call detailing your items and requesting a payment option if you selected to pay by credit/debit card, or if you'd like to add a card to your file. The payment methods we accept are, credit, debit, or cash

6. What if I don't have internet access or would prefer call with my order?

We can always be reached by telephone during our regularly scheduled business hours. We can be reached at

(718) 567-8512

7. Does Round  Trip Laundromat handle business accounts?

We are happy to offer business account services! For more details please contact

8. Will my information be private and safe?

YES! We make every effort to insure your information remains safe and secure!

9. What should I do if I have a concern with my order?

If there ever is an instance where there is a question, comment or concern with your order, you can always contact us!

Telephone #: (718) 567-8512